Difrax – hedgehog dummy cuddle cloth


  • Soft cloth to attach to the dummy
  • Your child can easily find the dummy
  • Pouch to store the dummy
  • Tip: Handy to have a spare copy if it is a favourite cuddly toy.

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  • The Difrax pacifier cloth is a soft, comforting cloth to attach to a pacifier. The different fabrics, colors and structures make the wipe interesting for your baby. It is ideal for the little ones, to cuddle and cherish. In addition, your child can find his pacifier more easily. A great advantage of a pacifier cloth is that when your child stops pacifying, the pacifier cloth in itself still provides sufficient comfort, because it is familiar.
  • The cloth can be washed at 30 degrees. Check the cuddly toy regularly for loose seams.
  • Height about 21 cm

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